Tom Bailey – Thompson Twins

Tom Bailey is one of my favourite artists I’ve worked with. Humble, talented, gracious and wise – and he always has good stories to tell. At the very end of our US tour in October, we sat on the tour bus on the way to the airport and I asked him a few things.

What’s your most rock-and-roll moment?

I’m not sure what the most rock and roll moment has been, but I do know the most non-rock-and-roll moment! After performing at Live Aid in 1985 I didn’t go out end party – I went back to the hotel and played scrabble with Nile Rodgers. 

How did that come about?!

I was working with Nile at the time and he had been behaving very badly with drugs and alcohol…he was under strict instructions; no partying. So, scrabble it was. 

What was your worst gig?

Well… we had one this tour! That gut wrenching moment when in Salt Lake City our logistics system got chewed up after the first song. 

(Back story: we later discovered there was an electrical problem in the venue that made our Ableton backing tracks rig keep resetting itself, despite us having a back-up for it. It went down twice during the show, and when it did a very piercing high pitch rang through the speakers instead. Not ideal!) 

It took me days to recover from that show. It’s so tough when it’s not really our fault, it’s just circumstances. But you have to faith in the fact you will be able to go back on and make amends. 

When have you been really star-struck by someone?

I have had a couple of occasions meeting heroes, where I have a million questions in my mind but nothing can come out my mouth at the time…you just end up being goofy. I met John McLaughlin – my teenage guitar hero and a really extraordinary musician – in a hotel bar in Germany. He asked what kind of music I made, and I said… “dance music.” He kind of looked away! The weirdest one is the time I was buying a shirt in Fred Segal’s on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. I went into the fitting rooms to try it on. I opened the door, and on the other side was Joni Mitchell smoking a cigarette. I really didn’t know what to say! It was super weird… I reversed out pretty sharpish. 

What’s been your most memorable gig?

They are all of equal standing to me. They all kind of melt into one glorious mess in my memory bank. People always say “what was it like doing Live Aid?!” which I tire of, because that’s not to me what makes a gig special. It’s some indefinable emotional connection with the audience, not with the fame and fortune. It’s not to say Live Aid wasn’t great, but sometimes the peak emotional moments can come in the most mundane circumstances. 

When you go on tour are there things you always take with you as a home comfort? 

Well, being vegan I have to plan a little. People and venues make an effort these days like they didn’t used to, but it’s always nice to know I have that box of soya milk or packet of nuts.

You have your hwyl too! Things like that are a nice tour comfort. 

Hwyl! Yes. I’ve always been fascinated by fragrance and the aroma of things. It was funny the other day – remember I was having everyone smell the bar of cocoa butter? I found myself just lying in my bunk sniffing it!

This is what Tom Bailey does in his down-time everybody – he lies down and sniffs cocoa butter!

Haha, well smell is a big part of our sensory apparatus…it’s mysterious how it works. I just engage with it, and always have done. 

Where’s the most remote place a gig has taken you?

Well I’ve toured in India…in small villages that have no electricity. In fact, when you mention memorable gigs and actually some of those shows in India are scorched into my memory as being really extraordinary. Both the remote village gigs and the big city gigs on the banks of the Ganges… you know, it’s National Geographic kind of stuff!

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  1. So cool you toured with Tom Bailey. (or he toured with you!) I get why he’s bored of talking about Live Aid. But it’s Live Aid – one of the greatest shows ever (for me at least) and he backed Madonna. Phil Collins also wrote about how he wrecked Live Aid (because of the Led Zep performance) and I am thinking it was one of the coolest moments in rock history!

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