Welcome to whereareweagain.com.

When I’m not on the road myself, I love to talk with others about it. I interview friends and colleagues about their experiences as a touring musician or crew member.

Being on tour is a strange phenomenon. Sometimes it’s wild, sometimes it’s bleak. Sometimes it feels like you’re experiencing the best days of your life — on others it feels like the absolute worst. On some days, you genuinely turn to others and ask, “Where are we again?!” For me, it’s addictive and it feels like home. It’s romanticised and glamourised by our culture, recaptured in films and documentaries. The stereotypes of being on tour become a self-fulfilling prophecy; we are taught that it is the place to party, have fun, be inhibited and make new friends to eat pizza rolls with. And really, it is.

So, you dive in and make stories to tell your grand-kids. Or, a blog.

Vicky Warwick